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Thread: 4 way Amp-off. Help me decide

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    4 way Amp-off. Help me decide

    ENGL Invader 100

    Best Price : 1799

    VHT Sig:X

    Best Price : 1467

    Splawn Nitro

    Best Price : 1850

    Mesa Boogie Stiletto

    Bets Price : 1674

    I'm trying to decide between these 4 amps for my next purchase. I'm just not sure if all (or any) of them can produce the sounds I want. I'd like the amp to be able to do a really modern tight, Sikth style rhythm sound along with a more hard-rock Stone God's-esque rhythm when brutalness isn't required. Also, a really smooth creamy lead tone and a nice chimey clean.

    Price is of course a factor as I'm a reasonably poor student but I don't mind saving for that extra while to get the right amp.

    With the Engl I'm slightly worried that it would be to compressed for the clean and hardrock rhythm sounds. I've heard that Engls are very compressed amps.

    The VHT I've heard feels very very open and dry, possibly to much for my tastes? Or possibly to much so that it sounds thin and doesn't 'feel' right when playing.

    The stiletto, I have no idea about this. The only think I know is that after playing a tremoverb, I don't like recto's, sound or feel. Is the stiletto just a british sounding recto? If so that will probably remove it from my list.

    The Splawn I'm just thinking it might not be versitile enough?

    Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?

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    I've not played the others, but the Invader is one of the few Engls which isn't a wash of compression. Its definitely their most organic amp I've played, and the only one I haven't is the Blackmore

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    Maybe take the stilleto off the list and ad the Axe-fx?

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    they're all amazing amps: and they're all different flavours of awesome.

    you'd have to pick the one that sounds best to you.
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    you should definitely add a framus dragon to that list. see if you can get out and play one somewhere.

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    The Dragon wasn't for me, but if you're into the uber-gain-modded Marshall thing, then it's definitely worth a look. TONS of gain on tap, and there were some very cool tones to be had. I'd have been curious to hear the thing wide open, but sadly that wasn't an option... :/
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    While I think the Stiletto is a lot more than "a British sounding Recto", it definitely has some of that character to the preamp on ch2 fluid drive and tite gain. It is mainly there in the midrange "bark" that I think of when I think of Rectos. However, the massive low end and Recto presence are not there, since the power section is completely different. Everyone seems to forget that most of the Recto's character comes from the power amp.

    I think you owe it to yourself to try one, but it is one of the least British sounding of the EL-34 high gain amps. I don't think you're going to like the Engl, since it is too over-compressed and stiff for the rock stuff. Most of the Splawns I've played have excelled at getting one really, really good sound, and nothing more. I can't really speak to the VHT, other than to say that I think the Pittbull/CL would be the best VHT for what you're describing.

    Have you considering hunting down a used Mark IV?
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    The stilettos ROCK! Nice midrange crunch, and much more like a hotrodded marshall on 'roids. amazing sounding amp, IMO

    I almost got a sig:x, but decided to try out a rivera. I like it thus far.
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