Odd title I know

There's a story behind this little beauty. I bought this back in 2008 when I had my old job, saved for 3 weeks for it, and when I got it, I thought it was fucking awesome! I paid 270 for it back then. A while goes by and I find myself needing a bass and selling my 'guitar rig' (I'd hardly call what I had a rig). I swapped this for a bass with my friend (I got a Dean Sledgehammer 5 string), who incidentally enough, needed a pre-amp as he had just sold is Fireball and had a Peavey 60/60 Classic sitting there. So all was hunky dory, until that band split, and I had no use for a bass, and was getting into a band where I needed a serious rig. I traded said bass for 350 off my Series One 100. Now I've been pondering lately, going the whole seperate pedal route for FX, but this beauty came back up at a ridiculous price I couldn't pass on. I'll be using it solely for FX with the Blackstar, but will have patches for going direct with it for practices and stuff. Say hello to my new old friend.

(Yay, iPhone pics )

Dark shot:

Light shot:

Bargain really at only 100, considering their value new now.

I'm just starting to get to grips again, and it's gonna take ages to get some tones, but I'm stumbling already

When I plug it into the loop like any normal pedal, Amp Send > POD Return > POD Send > Amp Return, I get no volume at all unless I use the 4CM, and when I do this, my amp channels and whatnot become defunct. Dunno if I'm just a retard or not, but since I'll be using this primarily for FX in my loop, if I can get this working, awesome