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Thread: Soldano Hot Rod - your experiences?

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    Soldano Hot Rod - your experiences?

    I'm feeling adventurous and while I do get fantastic sounds out of my Roadster, I'm curious to try out some other options.

    There is a Soldano Hot Rod 100 Plus within a couple of hours from me for a reasonable price, and I'm wondering how the HR's compare in terms of sound with said Roadster. I like having my 4 channels all with seperate EQ's, but I am wondering what other amps can offer.

    My main fear with the Hot Rod 100+ is the shared EQ business. I use my clean channel and I primarily play metal and modern rock tones for my day-to-day stuff. I hope to be in a serious rock band soon and I have my metal band I'm with.

    Cheers fellas
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    Brian rented one the last time we got together at his place. It was shockingly disappointing actually. Part of that might have been the cab we were running it through... but the Jet City stuff sounds leagues better to me. Save some money and get a JCA 50H or JCA100H for half the dough.

    Also, you have one of the most versatile amps on the planet. Use it
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    I do use it!

    And I'll be trying an EQ out front . I'm still curious to hear one though, as I do enjoy hot rodded marshall sounds.

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    Listen to any of the solos on the Fool's Game album or on Pharaoh's Be Gone they were all done with a Hot Rod.

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    Thanks Matt!

    My TS is not here, but I just did some tweaks to ch4 with the SE - biggest change was probably putting it back to SS rectifier, and bumping up the master while dropping the gain even further.

    Current settings:

    Master: 4.5
    Presence: 1
    bass: 1
    Mids: 8
    Treble: 6
    Gain: 4
    SS Rec

    had the output at 4 or so.. and couldn't believe how it sounded. BUT I have not jam-tested these settings so we'll see how they stack up. The TS should give it some more bite and a touch more saturation, it should be pretty deadly.

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    I feel that the trick to getting the gain right on any amp is a good boost. It seems like a lot of amps' gain is all stuck in one frequency, sitting on top of everything being annoying, but a boost seems to let that gain soak into the core tone and make gain and tone become one. Hell, i run my gain just a touch over 3:00 on my e530 with a boost, and i think the OD is running at just over 3:00 on that as well. Boosts make for happy times.

    Also, I've got nothing to do tomorrow, if you've got some time for jammin'. Ive got 2 rigs + a stereo cab, so all you'd need is an axe (I've got plenty of those too, if you're feeling lazy :P).
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    If I went to bed early I'd be up to jam but its almost 5:45am

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