Okay, finally posting this. Amptweaker Tight Metal Pedal - Misery Index Demo

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Thread: Okay, finally posting this. Amptweaker Tight Metal Pedal - Misery Index Demo

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    Okay, finally posting this. Amptweaker Tight Metal Pedal - Misery Index Demo

    I posted this last week on the other forum. Skip to 4:40 to jump to the playing.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3rlEXvd-LI&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Tight Metal pedal : Mark of Misery Index[/VIDEO]

    Probably the best metal distortion pedal I've ever heard? Only $180 to replace your preamp!? with built in noise gate, effects loop, & true bypass. Granted his VH140c power amp and cab make a difference but I still effectively have GAS

    What makes me want it even more are the responses from James, the designer, and Mark from Misery Index in the thread:

    Amptweaker Tight Metal Pedal - Misery Index demo (holy sh*t content) - Sevenstring.org

    Hi guys,
    I was invited here by Wookieslayer, who went to my website to get more answers about my pedals.

    In the video, Mark was playing the pedal by connecting it into the effects return of his amp. Of course the power amp and speaker can affect it a lot too, the point is that he is now able to fly to gigs with the pedal in his guitar case, and play through whatever amp that's provided and still get the right feel and tone.

    Here's my response to Wookieslayer's email:
    "My booth at NAMM was swarmed with metal players. I think they're all used to 'metal' pedals being something for kids that don't know what a real amp like that sounds like...more of a caricature of a metal tone. I've been designing amps for 24 years, including the 5150, XXX, and JSX at Peavey and the Kustom Coupes and Double Cross, so I approached the gain and tone on this pedal as an amp designer. Mark emailed me back yesterday and said that the pedals(he bought a second one for the other guitarist) saved their gig on Saturday since they flew in and got stuck playing through some amps that didn't respond like they needed it to. He just plugged the pedal into the effects return, and everything was fine."

    Anyway, I sell them online for $180, currently just taking pre-orders until I get my chassis metal in over the next couple of weeks.

    My main focus as Amptweaker has been to build products with consumer's advice and suggested features and things. I have a product suggestion button on my site, and a lot of the cool features on my stuff came from people sending in that kind of stuff. I also bounce ideas around on forums sometimes, previously on gearpage and rig-talk, but I'll be glad to throw some stuff out here for you guys' opinion if that's cool.

    The TightMetal started out with some emails I got from Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index. He was looking for a distortion pedal that he could use for these fly in gigs, but couldn't find anything out there that could do the job. Other than the tone being right, he also needed a built-in noise gate that was set up to stop the notes really hard. I also received MANY emails from other players wanting something that could get in the ballpark of a 5150 or XXX tone, so I spent the last year developing the Tight Control for adjusting the attack, and the appropriate distortion circuitry based on my lower gain TightDrive to get it done. I just introduced this new model at NAMM and now I'm feverishly getting it to market.

    James Brown
    Hey guys,
    It's Mark from Misery Index here. James Brown from Amptweaker told me about this thread, so I thought I'd drop in and clear a few things up.

    To start, the Tight Metal Pedal is crushing. It's like throwing a VH-140c and a 5150 in a blender with some added clarity. I can run it through pretty much any power amp and sound like the baddest dude in the room. It sometimes reminds me of the Dual rec tremoverb set to solidstate modded with el34's (ala Strapping Young Lad), but I digress.

    The onboard gate will get rid of guitar noise and amp hiss. If you know anything about noiseless stops with high gain, you know you need two noise units on either side of the preamp, or one boss unit in the "X pattern" to achieve this. Even then, its a challenge to get your stops to finish "naturally." The gate on the pedal does both and finishes naturally. The "tight" knob will let you adjust to your guitar or playing style, and the "tone" knob lets you reasonably modify the EQ curve. In a nutshell, James has done all the tweaking so you don't have too. I don't think it's possible to make the pedal sound bad.

    Dying Fetus and Misery Index do their preproduction at the same studio, so when I got this thing in, I invited John over to check it out. We pretty much run the same stuff. Darin and Jason were there too, and we were all pretty blown away. John said he is probably getting one soon. Karl Sanders from Nile even told me at NAMM he was into it, and that guy uses a whole rack of stuff for his sound.

    It's really great for fly ins and one offs, and anything for that matter. In fact, I'm using it as my main distortion live now. It's the exact same set up you saw in my demo. Total portability...now I'm totally comfortable anywhere on any rig!!

    "What about in the studio?", you say. You are going to hear this thing recorded on our new song on the split with Lock Up next month. I'll be sure to get up some tracking vids, and show you exactly how we used the pedal for the tone.

    Also, I saw some guy talking about running tubes in this thing. No need my friend. It's got enough tube rattle to shake your house down. James can explain how he made this possible better than I can. It's something about multiple inversed gain stages. At any rate, it gives that "amp-cranked-on-10-rattling-itself-apart-from-your-massive-chunky-grooves" sound, and at any volume too.

    I helped James come up with this thing by just letting him know what we've all been thinking. Who doesn't want a small portable box you can plug into anything that will give you that crushing tone and noiseless stops? And I'm not just talking about any tone. I'm talking about that sweet VH-140c style crunch coupled with some tube warmth and rattle with a little more clarity.

    Happy Riffing!

    Fucken aye, what ya'all think?
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    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    Honestly, doesn't sound that great to me, but I guess whatever works for ya. There didn't seem to be a hell of a lot of definition for my tastes.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Hm for sure. It is super handy for touring bands who need a backup death/thrash tone on the fly; though for most not a replacement for the main amp's distortion. I was just impressed by a pedal that sounds decent for once. Could also be useful for someone who wants to try that type of tone with their current amp set up. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea for distortion though.

    I'm interested to see how it comes out on their next recording...
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    preamp backup

    main sound, maybe not.

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    I'm not crazy about it, pretty cool backup for $180 though.

    Here's another video:

    YouTube - TightMetal Quick Fix.m4v
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    I have to have one of these.

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    I got one. It's bad ass

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