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Thread: Peavey Firebass 700 bass amp head

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    Peavey Firebass 700 bass amp head

    Price Paid: $500 (Total w/Peavey 8x10 cab)

    700W @ 2 Ohms, 475W @ 4, 275W @ 8 (all RMS)
    3-band active EQ with shiftable mid-range control
    Contour control knob
    -10 dB Pad switch
    Active crossover with variable frequency and balanced controls
    Buffered tuner send jack
    Footswitchable post-EQ effects loop
    Transformer balanced XLR jack (in front)
    Pre/Pos EQ send switch for XLR jack
    Ground lift switch for XLR jack
    DDT™ power amp compression with defeat switch
    Preamp out & power amp in jacks

    Pros: Powerful, a workhorse, reliable, made in USA, XLR out in front!

    Cons: sterile tone, weight = 55lbs? (Feels like 100lbs), Two handles on top but one side handle on the LIGHTER side of the amp??

    Mine is the black and red face version (version 2?). I bought it because of it's power capabilities as well as an older bassist of mine had the 350 and he knew how to dial that thing in. I didn't. I got sterile tone although he plated a Warwick Thumb with Bartolini pickups.

    Since I didn't like the tone I got out of it, I always used an MXR DI+ to drive it. That helped a lot. I liked the contour knob since it gave it some umph, but not enough life.

    When I first got this, the transformer was loose (is it called the output or power tranny?). I've owned a Peavey 5150ii and a 5150 MK1 and those also had loose transformers when I got them. Tightening them down helped, but 3 out of 3 Peavey amps tells me this might be an often occurrence. Luckily I'm not a complete tech novice so I opened it up and tightened it down.

    I currently have 3 basses (older Ibanez SR405, Samick GoldLeaf, and a Brice 5 string) and have played 4 through it (Had an older Ibanez SR805 when I first got this). This amp seemed to like the ibby's more than the other basses I played through it, but no Warwick like my old bassist had (or bartolini's).

    I just bought another bass amp and I might keep this for a backup, although I wouldn't mind having the money.

    I traded the Peavey 8x10 for an Ampeg HLF410 and it made it sound better, but still needed the MXR DI+.

    All in all, I think it's a great first-amp to own and would recommend it to others. They don't make these anymore and you can find them used for around $250-$300.

    The first versions were white/red, second = black/red, and third are called "Peavey Max." I think they're all exactly the same amps, just different faces and datings?

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    Few amps go down to 2 ohms; I've heard great things about the bulletproof-ness of these monsters.
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