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    Picking Pick Help

    Ok, So i pick weird i hold the pick with my thumb and first finger just like most people, but when i play really fast alternate picking riffs i angle the pick by pushing my first finger up and thumb back the opposite of most people i think, and when i stand and play it gets alittle sloppy, sitting is fine. I use a .88mm tortex pick and i have tried to change the way i pick but its to ingrained now, 20+ years. Any advice on a pick that would help ive used ultec sharps and i always get "hung up on the string", jazz 3 are really small, i use a big stubby this morning and it felt ok, but i wonder if its cuz its just different. Any advice would be great like what pick do u use thanks

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    I'm the same but I turn the opposite way, I think. I start turning clockwise and I can tell when I'm doing it because I can hear the way my picking changes hitting the string.

    I think maybe angling the guitar to match the way your turning your pick? If not, you just gotta stop and keep forcing yourself until you stop doing. That's the only thing I can think of.

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    So what you're saying is that as your picking speed increases, the pick (as opposed to the string) rotates so that it's no longer hitting flat pick edge to string?
    Do you notice how "deep" into the string you pick? I know that was one of my hangups awhile back and to compensate for getting hung up on the string, I would rotate the pick so that it slid off the string.
    Very tough to break that habit. First thing I realized was that I was keeping my picks long after they were worn out. By that I mean the point of the pick was wore down. I find that if I have a nice point to the pick, I don't pick as deep. (by deep I mean in towards the body). Next thing is to simply (as always is recommended) SLOW DOWN so that you can consciously pay attention to your pick hand, making sure you don't rotate. Precise repetition always means improvement...

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    Thanks for the help, i intentionally angle the pick upwards so i can play faster i cant do galloping rhythms if i dont, im just in this sloppy fast picking rut and i want to get out of it lol
    BTW TMatt i love your avatar i would like a full size pic ha ha

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