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Thread: TS9 Settings + Dual Rectifier?

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    TS9 Settings + Dual Rectifier?

    Hey guys, how should I be using my TS9 to boost the dual? This is on the orange channel in modern mode with bold and silicon diode rectification.

    Settings on my dual before boosting were (in O'clock format)

    Gain: 12:45-1
    Treble: 12:30
    Presence: 10 or 11
    Bass: 10:30
    Mids: 10-11
    Volume: Usually about 8 o clock, sometimes 9 if nobodies upstairs

    I was pretty satisfied with these settings, it just sounded kind of like a brick wall and I wanted more definition and separation (if that makes sense) with more saturation. I'm looking for a tone kind of like Decapitated's except wetter, and thicker.

    So ideally a mix between this.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyRRfaqhY5g]YouTube - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier - Metal[/VIDEO]

    and this

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEmepOLgR3k]YouTube - Decapitated - Post Organic[/VIDEO]

    So I bought the TS9 and now my settings looks like (again in O clock):

    Dual Rectifier:

    Gain: 11:30
    Treble: 12:00
    Presence: 9:00
    Bass: 11:00
    Mids: 9:30
    Volume: Same as before, about 8 o clock.

    And then on the TS9 (once again, o clock!):

    Drive: About 8 or 8:30
    Tone: 11:30
    Level: Max or a touch below max

    This hasn't really helped me do what I was looking to do, what am I doing wrong?

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    out of 10:

    drive at 1, tone at 5 or 6, level at 6 (adjust to taste)

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    Don't be afraid of experimenting with different tone settings... even extremely bright settings can create wicked results.

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    Way too little mids, not enough bass on the second settings you posted. Drop the bass back to at least 10:00, and take the mids up to 10:30-11:00. Then, drop the tone on the TS9 back to 9:00-10:00, and turn the drive all the way off.

    Remember, that sound you hear on the second recording is after a lot of eq and compression. The amp just doesn't sound like that in person, and Rectos respond better with more mids and less gain than you think you should be using. Once you throw the bassist into the mix, the low end is going to sound thunderous, so you want to keep your bass response tight with the knob set low.
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    Cheers guys, I'll sit down and try everything out properly soon.

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