Amp modelling (POD etc) missounds

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Thread: Amp modelling (POD etc) missounds

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    Amp modelling (POD etc) missounds

    I find that with every digital amp modeller (like my Pod x3 live) I get a small mis-sound, presumably when the pick hits the string but I'm not 100% sure. It sound something like "chip chip chip". It gets worse the more I turn up gain. At 0:44 here it's pretty obvious:

    Most people probably wouldn't notice, but once you hear it you can't unhear it :-).

    I get it from my pod and ampkit on the phone. It got better when I switched to a pickup with higher output because I could turn the gain down. I've tried EQing it away but no avail.

    Is this the pod fizz you guys keep talking about or something else?

    I'm now considering getting a valve dist pedal (blackstar ht dual) and pairing it up with my x3 (and turning its amp modelling off/seriously turning down gain).

    Any thoughts? Anyone using a valve pedal paired with a digital modeller?

    Or maybe I should get a pod hd 500 or break the bank with an axefx? (traditional valve rig won't work with cutrrent living accomodations)

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    The chip sound is not because of the modeler. Happens to me no matter what I play through. I like the chip noise myself.

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    I can't listen right now, but if it's that "plik plik" sound from your pick attack, that's normal when playing with high gain. If you don't like it, you can try to EQ it out a bit or use different picks. You're better off getting used to it, though.

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    Less gain, and changing picks can help with getting rid of that noise.

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    Ok, so it's a technique thing then? It's just weird I don't get it from regular amps (but then again, I always record using digital stuff and mostly hear it in recordings so maybe I do :-) )

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    not so much technique just the way the amp reacts to your picking, my vypyr does it too, I'm used to it though.

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    The ridiculously high gain stuff gets that "plink" sound, especially with a less saggy amp. Tube rectification's sag kind of gets rid of the plinking, as does rolling off your tone control slightly, or using a different pick.
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    I use a hard pick (jazz 3) but I'm really fond of it... I like a good pick attack sound when palm muting, but I want it to sound "chug chug" not "chip chip" :-)

    Anyway, I'm in thailand with a girlfriend and 1 yo daughter who are both sick, and the rain is pouring down in the middle of high season :-p. So I ordered the blackstar pedal as consolation :-D. I'll re-record using it in conjunction with the X3 on clean (or very low gain) and see if it changes the sound when i get back home. I'll report back if anyone's interested.

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