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Thread: Noise supressor/gate

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    Noise supressor/gate

    i have a 80 W combo amp (peavey bandit 112 transtube, the newest version). When i play with a drummer i need to crank up the volume... well this causes a lot of feedback. So my question is: Since i dont want to buy a pedal that is just a noise gate... could a distortion pedal with a built in gate get rid of the feedback? for example the MXR fullbore metal pedal etc.
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    That would work but if you're willing to spend more check out the Amptweaker Tight Metal Pedal

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    Or the t.c. electronics nova dynamics

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    If you end up going only with a noisegate the ISP decimator is the standard.

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    Don't overlook a Boss NS-2 though. Works great.
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    I'd say maybe back off your gain a little too. I find people tend to over apply the gain at low volume but you don't need it when you turn up. If I were you I'd just save a bit and get a nice gate pedal. You'll probably have it for years so I wouldn't be too concerned getting a combo pedal.
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    +1 and try standing a little further away as well as try facing different directions.

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    +2 for less gain and the ISP Decimator

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