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Thread: Chorus Pedal?

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    Chorus Pedal?

    I'm looking at these 2 Chorus pedals, I'm wanting a cheap chorus for a few thick, syrupy type lead tones for doing vibrato and stuff.

    Ibanez TC7 Tri-Mode chorus.
    Ibanez Tone-Lok TC7 Tri-Mode Chorus Guitar Pedal and more Guitar Effects at

    Danelectro Cool Cat
    Danelectro Cool Cat Series CC-1 Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal and more Guitar Effects at

    There both the same price, and guitar center sent me a 10% off coupon (mailing list email) , so which would be better? And i believe both are true bypass, right?


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    It's the Dan Electro pedal that's true bypass; it's the new Ibanez pedals that are true bypass, not the tone lock series. However I would go for the Ibanez out of the two.

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    What he said^ I think the Ibanez would last longer

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    imo you shoudl get a better chorus, the cheap shit always sucks

    look for a used jap boss ce-2 or maybe try those new t.c. electronics corona chorus

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    Can't go wrong with a Boss Chorus. Very easy to find used. Don't get a Danalectro if you have the intention on stepping on it a lot.
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    Definitely look up the Artec Analog stereo chorus.

    That thing is an amazing little pedal. Very versatile and cheap to boot

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    It's more expensive, but I had a lot of fun with this one:

    Visual Sound H2O |

    Got mine used for $80

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