So awesome that I started a thread with all caps.

I have been borrowing my friend's Boss DD-6 for a while now, and tonight I finally ran two amps with it. Wowza!


1 (one) PRS Singlecut w/ Agile AL-3100 pickups


Clean: Traynor YCS100H2 (30W) into Mesa Boogie 112

Clean/Dirty/Lead: Mesa Dual Rec Roadster (6l6) into Peavey XXX 412 with British Leads

It was tons of fun! I started out playing my Squier strat, which happens to sound pretty good IMO. It needs a new 5-way, which I will get around to replacing. With my 2nd channel of my Mesa set up for a slightly dirty tone and the cleans of the Traynor, I got some real cool things going. Unfortunately the Traynor died part way through and I had to switch to the Rectoverb. The issue with this setup is that the 112 Rec is on a mantlepiece right over my halfstack - it's much less of the ping-pong effect. I ended up just going back to my regular setup and bypassing the DD-6.

I hope to record a stereo delay jam session and put it up on youtube