A sturdy and a road worthy pedalboard?

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Thread: A sturdy and a road worthy pedalboard?

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    A sturdy and a road worthy pedalboard?

    I need a proper pedalboard for my pedals cause my current one (the boss one) doesn't have enough space and is kinda flimsy. I'm gonna be using my wah and whammy plus 5 regular stomboxes (a boss tuner, a boost etc.) so I need quite a lot of space for them. And I want the pedalboard to be durable to hold up on the road.

    So what would you guys recommend? Anyone try one of these: THON CASE FÜR BOSS GT-10/GT-10B - Thomann Verkkokauppa

    Thanks for your help

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    Pedaltrain Pedalboards

    Pick the one that works for how many pedals you have (probably the JR or the PT-1) and get it with a hard case.

    Plus it has a mounting kit for a voodoo labs pedal power to go underneath to save pedal real estate

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    Thanks! I'll look into those

    Any other suggestions?

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    Pedaltrain will be your best bet unless you build one yourself, or have one custom built. Honestly. I'd head down to home depot and buy some plywood, heavy duty adhesive velcro, and a carpet that fits the dimensions of the pedalboard you're looking for.

    Home depot will make up to 5 cuts in any piece of plywood that you buy for free ($1 per cut after) so $25 for some 1/2" ply, $15 for a rug, some uphostry spray glue (I used wood glue cuz that's all I had) come screws and a a small drill bit for pilot holes. and you've got a sturdy custom built pedalboard. with a whole 4x8 sheet of play you could fashion your own case for it as well.

    It's a great learning experience, but some people aren't do good with the handywork. If you're looking for a quick and easy solution, I'd say go with the pedaltrain stuff.
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    build your own, then you know its solid!

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    Well I'm lazy plus we don't have home depot here so...

    But I'll check out that pedaltrain stuff first

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