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Thread: Survey: Need your assistance on what YOU want to see

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    Survey: Need your assistance on what YOU want to see

    Hey guys,
    So I've been working with Ampeg, for months now, doing contract work for consulting/recording on their soon-to-be-released GVT amp line. On wednesday, I'm doing a 15 minute mock demo presentation in front of the 15-20 of the biggest corporate big dogs. The presentation is the final step in a long interview process for a job as the worldwide product specialist for their guitar amp lines. I do know that there are some psuedo-celebrity musicians that are competing for the same position. This would be a huge step for me in a new career field. So as the relative "new fish" to the game, I'm trying to put my best step forward.

    So with that mind, I figured I'd ask you, the consumer.

    If you were watching someone give a product demo of an amp that peeked your interest...
    The demo I'm doing consisted of outlining the features of the entire amp line & give playing demos as well.

    Please keep your answers concise & in bullet statement form so I can sift through them all quickly. Use this format.



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    1. Overview of common features (don't spend too much time on the "it has bass, middle AND treble controls!!!" but let people know that the usual suspects are included)
    2. Details of unique features (spend time on things that set them apart from others)
    3. Real world practicality (things like weight, ease of setup, reliability, connectivity)
    4. TOAN!!! (display the unique character of the amp, as well as the versatility, make it sound like itself, not like everything else, and show how it can be used in real world situations)
    5. Be interesting and entertaining (make people want to watch, sound interested and excited, but genuine, and remember that your target audience is goofs like us, not suit-wearing office-drones )

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    1. A variety of tones with different playing styles and pickups (singles and HBs)
    2. the amp soloed and in a mix down setting.
    3. how it reacts to a boost (TS variant) for both heavy and to push the clean into that almost breakup SRV, Jimi sound.

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    1. video recorded with a mic and state what you used (mic brand, speaker cab details, recording program, specify a few settings *if needed*)
    2. demo of channel versatility (from sparkling cleans, clean and greasy overdriven blues, rock, high gain (scoopy and non-scoopy).
    3. *Do some tone testing first, THEN talk about its features (I hate skipping through vids just to hear it).
    4. demo what each knob does (9 o'clock vs 3 o'clock for example)
    5. and no post processing please! (state this in some way)

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    You mentioned you'll be demo-ing this demo (lol) for a bunch of execs. We can tell you all what we--educated reasonable experienced musicians--want to hear, but are these execs going to recognize this? How do you know they don't just want to hear the typical scooped out fuzzy riffs that most "metal" amp demos use?

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    Thanks for responses so far. KEEP THEM COMING! Most of what I've seen addressed is stuff I'm incorporating. However, I should clarify a few things.

    First, the mock demo is in front of the big dogs to GET THE JOB. Coming in, they understand that the mock demo is to basically give them an idea of who I am, how I perform & address not only what the consumers need to know, but what the SELLERS of this amp need to know. Basically, I'm walking that fine line of showing what the execs want to see & what the consumer wants to see.

    Secondly, the job will entail me doing demos for a variety of audiences. Examples: IN-store demos for consumers; demos for retailers, vendors & distributors; demos for music conventions, etc. So, depending on the situation, I will cater the demo to the audience accordingly. Some will be for "goofs like us" & other variations will be for the people selling/carrying these amps.

    Thirdly, besides the live demos, I will be tasked to do video demos, recording sound bites, answer any & all questions via numerous social networking sites & at, working with the marketing dept & consultation for all things related to the amp line.

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    1. Useable range of gain
    2. Useable range of treble
    3. Useable range of mids
    4. Useable range of bass
    5. Useable range of volume

    Simple amps can be really awesome if the control ranges are very wide . I'd mention more, but I think you nailed everything I've ever wanted to see in your Coreblade video.

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    Dang Shannon, sounds like a big gig, good luck!

    Definitely some demo'ing first that gets to the point of hearing the thing is always nice.

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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