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    Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature

    Recently purchased a jeff loomis sig(i am selling all my six string guitars, apparently... i did not see this coming)

    i think people still see guitars made in korea inferior to japanese made ones.
    though it's well discussed, and people have claimed that korean, now, is on par with the japanese, they are still considered, at times, are not as consistant. i was somewhat skeptical of purchasing this. i know nothing of schecter and from what i picked up from others, it's a love or hate relationship. please keep in mind that my standards are pretty high up there... with that said; schecter has delivered.

    though i have to admit that i was expecting something less. expecting something more, i could have been disappointed. anyways, lets get into the details.

    neck: i don't care for the detail, but more for the feel. the satin finish gives a very nice smooth, almost silky touch to the back of the neck. you'll find yourself just gliding across it at times. the fretboard, maple, gives you that extra bright, snappy touch so nothing can be said that you dont already know. i don't care for the inlays. now, people have claimed the neck of schecters to be similar thickness of baseball bats. i dont find this true at all and my hands aren't very large. i have normal sized hands. the hands of someone who is 5'9" should have(i think :P) ~ maybe a little on the smaller side(it's not like i am super slender or anything), but the guitar feels right, despite my size. plus with the smoothness of the back of the neck, it really gives you convidence of the product you're playing. i do find the frets to be spaced out quite a bit. this is where you'll have trouble if you have shorter fingers. i dont have to stretch out horribly, but it will definitely take some getting use to.

    pickups: comes with emg707 pickups so don't expect an extremely variable tonal range, but for what it's used for, it does it very well. i should also add that i purchased a rdg2127z a month ago and it came with sub-par pickups. now i paid for this jeff loomis guitar a lot less than i did with that ibanez prestige, and yet the hardware on this one is far superior! plus, if you dont want the emg707 pickups, which i am debating as well, you can sell them on ebay for a hetfy price and buy seymour duncan, dimarzio for a lesser price(we all know emg pickups are more expensive).

    bridge: original floyd rose 7. i am a huge fan of this bridge. i hate the edge bridge, all forms of it practically. i just really prefer this bridge and the sustain you can get. just by looking at the block you can tell you can get massive sustain.

    lastly: i am not a fan of getting signature guitars, but the 7 string market is not very vast at the moment, and on top of that; i like a maple board... i dont know many companies that make a 7 string with a maple board(ibanez had one in production but apparently it doesn't exist anymore because whoever boughten one doesn't want to let it go. plus it's discontinued). putting that aside, i am happy with this guitar. this is a really well made guitar(really REALLY IS). i dont know if i got lucky, but the price, the hardware, the finish, and the touch of the neck is just awesome. it feels like a really high quality guitar for a dirt cheap price. if you're thinking of this guitar, then get it. it really is a good guitar, and i doubt you'll have to mod or upgrade it(unless you want to swap out pickups, but you can break even by selling them).

    i have esp and a jem. they are six string guitars. can i put this jeff loomis sig in their league despite paying 1500 to 2200 for those guitars each, and only paying 800 for this guitar?
    yeah i can. i really can. thats how damn good it is(price doesn't mean anything, but come on; the more you pay the better the quality for the most part am i right?) i am a happy man

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    Welcome to the club; these sold like hotcakes when they came out but it seems people have forgotten about then.

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    2nd highest selling Schecter sig.

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    nice review, I want one!

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    I've owned a Loomis for a while and I love it. The only thing I did was swap the pickups for passives. It's a great guitar, especially for the price.
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    you know, after playing around with it, the emg's aren't so bad
    i like this tone better than the regular 81 and 85 etc...

    maybe it's the type of wood on this body, but it sounds great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohio_eric View Post
    I've owned a Loomis for a while and I love it. The only thing I did was swap the pickups for passives. It's a great guitar, especially for the price.
    Yeah, I have a liquifire in the neck, (my bridge pickup is DOA, awaiting reply from Nick), and while I DID actually love the tone from the 707 in the neck, the Liquifire slays beyond belief in my Loomis!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shannon View Post
    2nd highest selling Schecter sig.
    Should be the 1st..Fucking A7X

    I honestly wouldn't mind getting one of the Black Fixed bridge models

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