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Thread: Noise gate recommendation?

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    Noise gate recommendation?

    I have a rack setup running through a Bogner Uberschall head and ESP Explorer with EMG 81's and in dire need of a good noise gate as feedback is a major issue as most of you know.
    I currently have a DBX 266 xl in my rack at the moment which someone gave me and thought yeah give that a go, should be alright. Have since found out that it's more vocal suited and doesn't deal well with high gain

    Any help would be much appreciated guys.


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    The ISP decimators are usually standard fare. I have no experience with them though, just seen them recommended by everyone a lot.

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    You could try an old Boss ns-2, but it wouldn't work very well or sound good. (ding)

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    My DBX 266 xl gates just fine. Doesn't reduce noise all that much (my guitars are surprisingly quiet), but if definitely gates.

    And ISP Decimator will be your best bet, hands down
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    Yep, ISP Decimator works beautifully for me. I've found the NS-2s patchy, some amps they work well, some they work well as a way to use up extra cables but not as a noise gate (I've found my Invader, the VHT Sig:X and the Fireball 60 to be like that). The ISP Decimators I'm yet to find an amp they dont silence straight away, including the above mentioned, as well as my Marshall 8200, 5150s and the Engl Savage 120 too.

    Also, my experience is based on the standard pedal version, not the rack or the G-String pedal, which I can only assume would do an even better job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groff View Post
    And ISP Decimator will be your best bet, hands down
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    Cheers guys, ISP decimator it is then!

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    Decimator is

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