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Thread: New Zilla Fatboy 2x12 cab day!

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    New Zilla Fatboy 2x12 cab day!

    Just arrived today, and it's absolutely stunning, both aestethically and tonally.

    I'm Axe Fx-less at the moment (just sold it to buy the II) but tested the cab with a Rivera Knucklehead Tre and I'm already blown away!

    I used to own a Vader 2x12 and played with it recently, but this is a completely different beast, I love it even more!

    I've chosen a Celestion V30 coupled with a Celestion G12-K100, these two are a perfect blend to push the low frequencies clear and tight, while retaining "airiness" and very, very musical mids. In fact this is a huge sounding, but very musical cab, still tight as the Vader but, unlike the "coldness" of this one, it sounds way more mid-prominent and nice. I'm sure it will cut thru the mix like butter, can't wait to try it at rehearsals.

    Talking about the look, it's so unique and beautiful I really couldn't desire anything better.
    "Wine Taurus" tolex, "Basket Weave" grill cloth, white piping and black leather corners, that obviously add to the toanz.

    Last but not least, it doesn't weigh that much, so my back can be thankful

    'nuff talk, on to the picz!

    Just look at the texture level!

    This last pic deserves a brief explanation: the two different jack inputs are white-mono and black-stereo. If I were using just the black one, I would hear only the G12-K100, with the white one, both.
    With two jack cables connected, every speaker would have its own input, that means me and my other guitarist can use just one Axe Fx unit with a double input setting, send his guitar to, for example, output left and mine to output right, then these outs into a VHT 2/90/2 poweramp, which is stereo, can process these independently, and send them to each speaker, so that I will have my speaker, and my other guitarist will have his one.

    Hope you enjoyed this NCD dudes! Go check 'em out! Custom Cabinets and Guitar Amp Cabs | Zilla Music UK

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    Zilla's are sexy.

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    that is classy
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Fatboys are the future, but you know this already bro. Rock on

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    Cheers guys, it is indeed classy outside, but a beast inside

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