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Thread: NTD!

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    I just picked up the Hardwire HT6.
    Pretty cool pedal.
    Poly mode seems designed to get you into acceptable tuning range quickly.
    Where as single mode (either chromatic or strobe) is designed for fine tuning.

    I like that the HT6 is designed to look more like a fretboard tab (for lack of a better description).
    Low E on bottom
    High E at the top.
    You pluck a low E, the virtual low E string lights up.
    Either showing sharp, flat or in tune in chromatic.
    Or strobing to the right if sharp, to the left if flat.(in strobe mode)
    Poly mode seems strictly chromatic. So, no you can't get 6 strobes going at once.

    For live use, I think the poly mode will work great.
    In the studio, I think it'll work better in single mode, either chromatic or strobe for that fine tuning.

    It is true bypass.
    So, one won't having to worry about their signal being altered when recording in the studio.
    And I won't have to put my rig in mute or bypass, unplug, plug into my TU15, tune, unplug, plug back into my rig anymore.

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    Looks great i shall take a look at it further as i am in the market for a tuner.

    how does it handle lower tunings?

    i've found some tuners have trouble tracking when you get down to C or lower

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    This looks pretty cool.. I wonder how it would do a 7..

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    Why does it say "USB"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by budda
    Why does it say "USB"?
    USB firmware updates
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    Cool. I don't think I've seen that on a tuner.

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    The TC Electric Polytune does something very similar. It also works really well with the low B and A on a 5-string bass; one of the best tuners I've tried for that.
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    In Poly tuning (6 strings at one time) it does standard tuning in E and can go down to B.
    It can do Drop D.
    And 4, 5 and 6 string bass.

    In Single string tuning (chromatic or strobe) it has no problem recognizing
    the low B string on a 7 string.
    I actually have my 7s tuned to Bb, and it recognized it no problem.

    So, I guess you could poly tune the 6 strings and single tune the B string as a work around for quick tuning in a live application.
    And you don't have to hit a button to go from poly to single tuning. It's automatic when you hit the strings or a string.

    For studio you would want to fine tune in single string mode anyways to be the most perfectly in tune as possible.

    It does have a USB port.
    And Digitech said they are going to come out with more tunings to download
    into the pedal.

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