Taming my 6505.. attenuator?

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Thread: Taming my 6505.. attenuator?

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    Taming my 6505.. attenuator?

    I recently scored a 6505+ half stack, and while it kicks all kinds of ass, if I put the post past 2 it pretty much drowns out the rest of the band, needless to say this upsets them.

    I've been looking into attenuators, do you guys have any suggestions? I see hot plate thrown around a lot, just curious if there is anything else I should be looking at.

    I've also seen people saying to just pull out 2 of the power tubes, is that safe? Sorry for the noob questions, I've never owned a tube amp before and I don't want to blow it up.

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    Yes its safe, you have change what ohm you plug the cab into iirc.

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    You could also get a 2x12. It'll cut your volume in half.

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    pulling 2 power tubes effectively drops you 3db. it's honestly hardly quieter. on my recto you also need to pull one of the recto tubes to match, so consult the owners manual to make sure you're running a safe set up.
    This doesn't effect speaker load at all, so i'm not sure what mehtab was getting at above...
    just passing through....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    You could also get a 2x12. It'll cut your volume in half.
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    If you want your power tubes to distort earlier (aka needless hunt for tone), that's a reason why you'd want to pull two tubes (either inner or outer). I'd get a Weber attenuator if I were you.

    Also, volume only at 2??

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    I use a hotplate with mine (5150 II), you might also try a volume pedal in the loop. I have a Boss ME-50 in the loop of my Mark IV and I lean back the volume pedal when I practice late at night. I think I may like how it sounds even better than the hotplate, I 'm not sure how it will sound in the loop of the 6505+ but it's cheaper than a hotplate.
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