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Thread: talk to me about compressors

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    talk to me about compressors

    Im thinking of getting one and i play a lot of death metal and a lot of clean and mid gain stuff in my band - a broad spectrum.

    what are the benefits?

    im thinking it will smooth out my distorted tones and make cleans and single note stuff jump out a bit more?

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    *imo* it'll be good for clean tones but not for distorted. Do you know how a compressor works? A distorted tone is basically already compressed, especially death metal gain-wise. I don't see a benefit to it, but again it's my opinion.

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    More gain = more compression. It's used to make everything even - your finger-picking would be as loud as your plectrum picking, etc.

    At least, that's my understanding.
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    I hate them personally for high gain tones. You'll hear the sound of your hand sliding on the strings more. For cleans though its fine. I think most people use keeley 4 knobs.

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    If you want even less dynamics in your high gain, then a compressor is the way to go. It's guaranteed to suck the life out of your tone! It'll make a VHT sound just like a Powerball I.

    For cleans, a little compression can help even the sound out, for more than a little smoothing you could even the sound out by playing with better control of your dynamics.

    (In case you aren't picking up on it.... I'm not a fan of compression on guitars)

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    I'm a fan of compression in certain circumstances (like low gain on strats to get a bit more sustain), but for high gain I'd give it a miss.

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    I think the best place for compressors on guitars are when used with low- to mid-gain sounds and you want sort of a juicy lead sound. Think Pink Floyd. Gilmour abused an MXR Dynacomp for much of his career. Check out the intro licks in Shine on You Crazy Diamond for a pretty obvious example. Very fat and "even" Strat sound with a lot of sustain.
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    Forgot to mention that a compressor is good for processing a recorded high gain guitar track, though.

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