Axe-Edit New Version Released (1.0.188)

1.0.188 is a maintenance release recommended for all Axe-Edit users.

This version includes a range of new features and fixes:
  • Added “Smart-StartUp” support for Axe-Fx II. Opens most recently used source and preset.
  • Fixed “disconnect” on OS X with Axe-Fx II when cab name caching on startup.
  • Reintroduced PPC support on OS X
  • Fixed Axe-Fx II Looper block problems
  • Fixed Grid keyboard shortcuts when Editor window is scaled.
  • Fixed HW Sync / downloads
  • Fixed Ultra/Standard configs erroneously excluding each others (compatible) assets / formats.
  • Fixed “Axe-Edit” button not bringing AE window to front on OS X.
  • Added shift + click app startup modifier for “reset settings” shortcut.
  • Noisegate should save properly now for Axe-Fx II.
  • Fixed importing preset files.

Axe-Change remains disabled in this version, but expected to return in a future release.