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Thread: New Body Day (I shit you not)

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    New Body Day (I shit you not)

    So, she finally arrived.

    Overall, I'm very impressed. The purple is very difficult to take an accurate picture of, but the first is probably the most true-to-life. And I think it's gorgeous.

    My only issue is the black paint on the back. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's quite cloudy. Ernie has informed me that this is the case because he used the same paint as he did for the burst. But I don't really care, to be honest; not when the top's as hot as it is.

    The plan now is to have the headstock painted black, and then have an Edinburgh tech put it all together when I head back down south to uni in September. It's yet more time, I know, but it will definitely be worth it. A new thread to follow when that all comes to fruition.

    Talking of fruition... :fr00t:

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    That is SEX.

    EDIT: Put a rosewood veneer on the headstock?

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    woah trippy effect! looks VERY nice!

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    Wow, that's taken a long time

    Do you have all the parts for it now?

    And, is it still what you want after all this time?
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    Wow, I guess good things really do come for those who wait. Looks awesome man!

    P.S. Man up and paint the headstock and assemble it yourself. You don't need a tech to tighten up a dozen screws and wire it up.

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    Very nice!

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