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Thread: Axe FX (II) / Midi-question

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    Axe FX (II) / Midi-question

    So, according to the latest Email from G66, I should receive the Axe II by ~end of September...and if it does what I hope it does, I will have 2 (or even 3) different "rigs". Main rig: Diezel + Axe II in 4CM; 2nd rig: AxeII + poweramp.

    So, we are also considering doing one step up, and start to play with clicktrack live. Now, when we are doing this, and I am going to keep the Axe, I want to take full advantage and programm all midi commands also in the backing track (Still have no clue about how that is done tough ) , and let the laptop do the work (preset- and effects-switching), and save myself some hardcore-stepdance on the floorboard.

    My only problem - I dont know how I would best handle the situation with 2 different rigs, as I would need different presets for each of course. I'm pretty much a Midi-noob and just started reading through manuals and stuff, but its confusing me to death.

    Lets say for example I have 10 sounds in use per gig, so I save the "main-rig" presets on 1-10, and the "B-rig" presets on 11-20.

    My idea now: Programming in the midi file (which will be sent from Reaper/Laptop/Midi-interface to the Axe live) 2 different "chains" of commands, lets say on Channel 1 will be sent all preset-changes for presets 1-10, and on midi-channel 2, all preset-changes for presets 11-20 - and when I am at the gig/rehearsalroom/home/wherever, I simply change the midi-channel on the Axe FX, so, altough both "preset-change-commands" are sent, it only understands the one I need.

    Is this possible, or, is my thinking of this correct?

    I mean - of course, I could also just make 2 different projects in Reaper, and always choose which one I need...but as the computer will be in the hands of our drummer live...I dont want to rely on him always choosing the right one.

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    ME: Gibson Les Paul Std
    Rig: Orange OR120

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    If anyone should somehow search for this also - yes, it works that way, easily.

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