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Thread: Mesa cab, v30, c90 or v30/c90 x-pattern

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    Mesa cab, v30, c90 or v30/c90 x-pattern

    Now, my next dilemma is what speakers to go for in the cab I'll be ordering thursday.

    Now, the mesa cabs I've used here and there have all been v30 loaded and have sounded ace with things like 5150's/rectifiers etc, but normally I use a celestion 85 loaded cab (that I no longer have). c90's are the closest to that.

    Now, here's the thing, do I get a c90 loaded stilletto cab (have decided against oversized), or stick with the v30 loaded one, or go for an x-pattern (if they'll do the latter for me)?

    What do you guys reckon?

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    im interested in a mesa cab at the moment for my mk V as well - thinking of selling the engl or maybe just replacing the speakers.

    id be interested to hear some suggestions also

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    X all the way. They really do a great job of fleshing eachother out
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    They will do the x-pattern.

    I personally prefer my v30 cab to my c90 cab, but both have their merits. Having one cab with both should give you the best of both worlds, but I doubt that's how it will work out.

    You'll probably only be micing one speaker, so you'd be getting only 1/2 of the "blend" of speakers. Since you'll be setting your sound from a farther distance than the mic (unless you put your ear to the cab to set your sounds ) I don't know how well the mic'd sound will work. If this was a studio cab, and the head was in the control room and the cab was in the live room, you'd be fine, but for a live use cab (that's going to be mic'd) I'd pick one or the other. If you're primarily doing small gigs (which I doubt you are) or huge gigs where both cones are mic'd (which you may be) then the blend could work.

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    I thought about doing something similar, and to get around the two-mic issue, just having my own two mics, with a small mixer, to send just one signal to the FOH (lots of idiot soundmen around here, who wouldn't understand ).

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    I actually had a Mesa cab with C90s and V30s in an X pattern, and was left unimpressed. I feel the Bogner Uberkab's G12T-75 and V30 approach works a whole lot better.
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    I need an Uberkab, don't I?

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