Anyone get screwed mid-song by wireless frequency issues?

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Thread: Anyone get screwed mid-song by wireless frequency issues?

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    Anyone get screwed mid-song by wireless frequency issues?

    I've been using a Peavey UHF wireless system for several years, never had a bit of trouble with it, and honestly didn't give it much thought when it was announced quite some time ago that a bunch of frequencies previously reserved for wireless devices were getting "reclaimed" by the FCC or whoever. Well, at a gig on Saturday night, I started getting some squealing through my rig about four songs into the set. A couple minutes into the fifth song, my amp went silent. I ditched the wireless and plugged a cable straight in, and everything was fine.

    When I got home, I of course tested all of my stuff - amp, wireless, multi-effects and all cables - and everything was fine. The battery (brand new for the gig) was good. I hadn't stepped on any cables or bumped anything at the show, so the only thing I can think of is that something "cut in" on my wireless frequency.

    Is that what I should expect to have happen using an old wireless? Time to retire the old workhorse?

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    Yeah, you should have gone digital a long time ago. High def televisions are putting out interference these days that fuck with analog wireless. It could literally have been several different things that we're stomping all over the frequency band you were using.
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