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Thread: Pedal help. Chain?

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    Pedal help. Chain?

    So, I've never used more than 2 pedals with my rig, a Decimator G-string, and a TS7. I've just gotten another TS7, and recently got a Super Chorus and Crybaby. My question is, how would you set these guys up? I was thinking...

    Guitar > Decimator > Crybaby > TS7
    FX Send > Decimator > Super Chorus > FX Return

    Would I be right in doing this?


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    That's how I have my chain except the gate is after the OD. I've been thinking of moving it to the front of the chain though so that I can set the threshold lower on it and still have it gate, probably a better idea actually.

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    Looks good to me

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