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Thread: Question: Looking for PA for Guitar Rig 4

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    Question: Looking for PA for Guitar Rig 4

    I'm a guitarist/keyboardist in a 3 piece experimental metal band (guitar/keys, drums, vocals).

    Since there's no bass or second guitarist, I have to fill the sonic range myself, aside from the vocals, of course. I switch off between guitar and keys but mainly play guitar.

    Right now I'm running an Agile 8 string and a Yamaha CS2X through N.I. Guitar Rig 4.

    I'm looking for a PA that will cover a wide spectrum of sound with clarity and a nice, full sound. (I'm more about quality of sound than being just plain loud.) Something that will also give us the bass we need for our lack of a bassist.

    To give you and idea of our range, we like everything from Meshuggah to Radiohead. So I need something versatile.

    I've been looking at the Roland SA-300. I'm just worried that it might not have the bass I need with the 8 string and might be too small for some venues. (Though I'm sure I'll be mic'd at most places.)

    I'd like to pay under $800 if possible, but if it's really worth it I'll go up to $1,000.


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    Thanks, Jeff. I'll definitely check those out. I know Mackie is great, quality stuff.

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    another nod for mackie. good gear
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