best tubes for 6505/6505+?

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Thread: best tubes for 6505/6505+?

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    best tubes for 6505/6505+?

    Looking for tube recommendations when I retube my amp...I've heard from people that the chinese ruby tubes sound really good but reliability is an issue, jj tubes are generally very reliable but have a darker tone most people don't like, and tubes like the tung-sol reissues sound good and last a long time but are more expensive. I'm looking for a good balance between tone, reliability, and price. Both preamp and power amp.

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    I've had a few sets of JJ's, but haven't noticed them to be dark at all.

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    JJ's made my (already dark) Roadster darker. My 6505 has Ruby's in it and I think it sounds ace.

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    i hear tons of jj reliability issues

    i'v always gone with groove tubes. i know they are rebranded, but they are guerenteed for 6 months i believe and you can get them anywhere pretty much.

    I'v tryed sovtek pres and thought they were horrible. but the pair of 6l6's i just got were groove tubes but i see they are rebranded sovteks because it still says sovtek on the back

    But i'm not noticing any differance as far as the sovtek power tubes.

    From what i'v read, rubys are rebranded aswell

    I'm actually in the market for some pre's and i'm thinking of electro harmonix.
    Also, from what i'v read, some people never change their pre's and notice no difference.
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    I would go with a tung sol 12ax7 in the v1 position

    then JJ ecc83s in everything other than the PI where i would put a Jan Phillips 5751

    then a set of =C= in the power amp

    total tonal bliss and utterly reliable

    for cost reasons you may want to replace the =c= with something else but it wont sound quite as awesome

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    i've heard reliability horror stories with JJ's too, all I know is when my 6505 had ruby's in it originally they kept frying...of course that could have had something to do with me mod'ing the amp and I may have done it incorrectly at the time plus I remember reading somewhere mesa used to use ruby but switched to jj because of reliability issues, so I really have no idea what to do.

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    I'd go winged C if u have the cash... or JJ's with a tungsol v1 all the way! tis what i'd do for my XXX or 6505 if i had one

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    I put Ruby's in my 6505+ and I think they sound great.

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