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Thread: New rack setup

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    New rack setup

    Hey guys
    First post here. Been hanging around here for awhile now.

    I'm just getting stuff together for my first rack setup. So far ive got a g major 2, hush super c, power conditioner, eq and a tuner. I'm running a bugera 6262 head and 400 watt 4x12 cab. I'm currently making a custom rack that will house the head and effects.

    I'm just not sure what order to place everything and how to hook it all up. I'm going to order cable and jacks to make my own cables but not sure how to plug it all in. Any help would be great.

    I'll post some pics tomorrow of the rack im building

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    Anyone? Im really stuck here

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    it's generally pretty cut and dry. Tuner, comp/gate/wah/boost, preamp, effects (gmajor), poweramp. just like the way you'd do a pedalboard.

    The actual order you put it in the rack makes no difference, and you should do it whatever way makes things easiest for you. A lot of people put the power conditioner and tuner at the top, mostly because the tuner is pretty short usually and allows any wall warts to hang down.

    I hope you like soldering, or spending lots of money on planet waves cable kits. I did my own rig not too long ago and it was MADNESS.
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    Thanks for the tip. So I would go
    Guitar to amp. Effect send to tuner - hush - eq - g major 2 - effect return
    Does that sound about right

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    Quote Originally Posted by requiem_guitar View Post
    Thanks for the tip. So I would go
    Guitar to amp. Effect send to tuner - hush - eq - g major 2 - effect return
    Does that sound about right
    You'll want your tuner before the amp or effects so you have a clean signal going into it. Treat your effect loop more like a preamp and power amp.

    Should be something like
    Guitar > Tuner > Gate > amp input
    Effect Send > g maj > effect return

    I'd guess you could try EQ in either chain depending on what you want from it. I never use and EQ in my rack.
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    You didn't say what sort of EQ you have - but it doesn't really matter whether it's a rack or a pedal. The EQ is the only oddball, really - you can have it before or after your amp. The GMajor2 (I believe) has EQ settings, so you may want to put it before or after that to adjust them. Alternatively, you may want it out front to introduce a big tone change for solos or similar. Experimentation is key.

    Everything else is fairly cut and dry - the Hush works better in the loop - and is designed as such - so I'd stick that in the loop, before the effects unit (otherwise it will cut up and gate effects like delays and reverb) This also lets you cut any noise from the preamp. The G-Major goes in the loop because you want it toe ffect the guitar sound, i.e, you want delay on your distortion, not distorted delay.

    Tuner goes first because, as someone else said, you want as clean a signal as possible. Depending on your brand of tuner it can also act as an on/off switch if you need to mute your rig (when changing guitars, for example)

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    Haha that's sick man. Thanks for the help. It all makes sense now lol. My rack case is nearly finished. I'm building it at work as I'm a cabinet maker. Shoukd be done in a few days. I'll try grab some pics today if anyone is interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
    I made that for you bro

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