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Thread: Peavey Switching lead

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    Peavey Switching lead

    I've just changed over from my Diezel to a Peavey 3120. The basis of my previous rig was midi switching from my G-System, but the Peavey runs a 7 pin type lead. I've got Analogue relay switches from the G-System, anyone ever come across a conversion lead for the Peavey style switch, to take it from 7 pin to Jacks?

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    well, with the appropriate schematic i could do a pinout diagram... I only have the documentation for the Triumph and Ultra Plus footswitches on-hand, though.

    With said diagram, one could make the cable fairly easily.

    EDIT: I'm fairly sure that the 3120 uses the same switch as the XXX and JSX.

    From the solder side of the jack, from top right:

    Pin 1. +17VDC supply to pedal
    Pin 2. not used
    Pin 3. Ground this pin to detect footswitch
    Pin 4. Ground/Common
    Pin 5. Clean/Bypass
    Pin 6. Ultra/Crunch
    Pin 7. Effects

    so, you wouldn't use the wires from Pin 1 or 2, but I'd need more time to work out how else you'd wire things together. Maybe someone who does this more than I do would know more.

    I think you'd solder pin 3 to pin 4, and then have 3 1/4 jacks from 5, 6, and 7, with the grounds all going to pin 4? I'm not sure entirely, someone should fact-check me.
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    I built one for hal. Wouldn't advise it, I'd actually say get the amp gizmo and cable and avoid several worlds of pain

    If you do want to do it you'll need to figure out if it's latch or momentary switching, get a peavey cable, find out which cables are ground, which control what, wire a box that converts from one footswitch cable to the jack leads.

    Pretty much I'd really recommend just getting an amp gizmo. there's a cheap mini amp gizmo on ebay at the moment.

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    It'd be exactly the same, as the 6505 & 3120 footswitches are interchangeable. Might have a bash at it as my outlay on gear & guitar-whoring has exceeded my selling of gear recently, so I should probably be looking at switching into a contraction phase and not spending cash on an RJM.

    I've got two relays on the G-System, so it looks like I'd want them working pins 5 & 6 for channel selection, then find a way to leave the effects loop permanently on as it contains the ISP/G System.

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