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Thread: (NAD))))

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    Welcome to my humble abode, traveler.
    Yes, this is my entire room. Welcome to Manhattan. My bed lies lofted above us.

    No, keep away from those. Those arcane tomes are almost as heavy as the new arrival, and not worth your time.

    These implements wish to awaken it. Alas, the one who sleeps below would also awaken at this hour, and I have no desire to do battle with that monstrosity tonight.

    This stranger has temporarily landed here for a little routine maintenance. A rare bird this; not an abomination like many of its brothers, this one punches like a hammer and screams like a banshee.

    Hark! IT L(OO))))MS!

    It lies dormant for now, awaiting the next evening.

    Two channels. One pristine, bold, and sparkling, like a placid mountain spring.

    The other crushes like a glacier. Smooth, deep, dark, cutting, and clear, but with a rumble and saturation unlike any other I've heard.


    ...and this is what happens when Josh posts a NGD thread after coming back from an evening at the bar

    Seriously, this thing is awesome. I can't believe how clean it is, and how awesome it sounds. This is a serious piece of amplifier engineering, and has way more features than I was expecting.

    Independent send and return levels for the FX loop for each channel, and the FX loop can be toggled with the footswitch. If the FX loop is empty, than it can act as a volume boost for solos.

    There's a light in the back to warn of impending power tube failure. Despite its nominal 50w rating, apparently this will push 70W clean power. Out of 2 6L6s.

    I'm guessing part of this is due to the sheer size of the transformers. Seriously, these things are ridiculous. The picture really doesn't give you an idea... the transformers look to be equal to or bigger than the ones Mesa puts in the Triple Rec.

    Made in the US too.

    One G12T-75 handles the beast. After hearing everyone's complaints, I didn't think I'd like it. But honestly, it sounds great clean and distorted. Also, I'm glad it's not a 2x12. It weighs 75 lbs. with just one speaker in it, thank you very much. At least it has casters.

    As I'm between pedalboards (and have a premium on floor space) all the effects sit atop it. Note the Radial ABY...

    ...which runs to the old faithful.

    I'll say it again. I am *seriously* impressed with this amp. Loud, clear, with deep, clean bass response even on the drive channel. The clean channel really is Fendery clean (which isn't too surprising, since this is a Fender-era Sunn) and the footswitchable spring reverb is gorgeous without being overbearing like some Fenders can be. No mid-cut-only Fender tonestack either, thankfully!

    It's essentially a 2x6L6 combo version of the 100W Model T, with added reverb. The Drive channel is really a unique beast. Roll the volume back on your guitar and it'll clean right up, sounding like a pushed Blackface-style amp. Roll back up and you will get serious levels of gain. It's a very balanced voice and the EQ is quite powerful. It doesn't really do "raw," but it's a very smooth voicing that doesn't get harsh or overbearing unless you make it do so with the EQ.

    Great complement to the Budda; totally different animal. I'm sold. This is a lot of amp for the money, and if you can find one, seriously consider picking it up. I wish I could provide clips, but I really have no way to record it short of shoving my camera in front of it, and it's too late for that tonight anyway.

    Only problem? It's got the classic tube amp issue (even on the 12.5w "low power" setting) where it goes from completely inaudible to JESUS FUCK TURN IT DOWN between 0 and 0.1 on the dial, especially on the clean channel . The drive channel is more manageable.

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    Now that is a NAD picstory

    And looks to be one hell of an amp

    And the loud as fuck clean channel sounds like every Fender I've ever played (including a tiny, solid-state "Frontman" practice combo amp)

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    My friend has a few Model T's and they scream. Nice new amp day dude!

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    Nice score man, I wish Sunn amps were easier to find in this country as I've always wanted to try a model T.

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    Bring the dooom!

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    Bad ass

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    Fuck yes!!! I still need some SUNN))) In my life.

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    O))) WIN!

    Also, I'd go insane living in that room.

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