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Thread: Orange Dark Terror - Metal

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    Orange Dark Terror - Metal

    STONER/Doom amp for sure! I love this little thing. Loud as hell!!

    Not what I'm generally going for in sound but it was great fun!

    [VIDEO]]Orange Dark Terror - Metal - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Not a fan of the sound of that at all. Riffs are sweet, though. To me, this kind of riffing needs a warmer sound, and this sounds a little scoopy with harsh highs. This should be much muddier

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    I digs

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    Great playing as always, but the amp sounds like shit, IMO.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Not bad sounding at all. I have to agree with Aaron a bit on this though.

    I'd really like them to do a Micro Rockerverb or Thunderverb, a more rounded/doomy tone, than the slightly ice picky style tones I've heard from all the terrors.

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    As usual, you have a way of playing things that make even lousy sounding amps really shine. This riffage has a fucking solid oldschool Corrosion of Conformity vibe to it.

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    BAH I thought the amp sounded awesome hahahaha... Nothing I would ever use myself but it was fun.

    I'm uploading a playthrough video later this week, showing the rest(two knobs) of the amp.

    Thanks guys!

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    Wrong amp for this riffage as said, but don't make the mistake of thinking this amp sounds bad! This thing is really awesome when used appropriately!

    Then again, I don't even HAVE a rig and don't know dick so...

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