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Thread: Programming lights for live?

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    Programming lights for live?

    Just wanted to know more about how to do it for a small setup. Looking to do something basic like even just triggering snare to a strobe. I'm aware of DMX etc but I saw Dillinger were using MAX to do lighting live. In the dark with this one a bit....thanks.

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    My band has a very small lighting rig that I set up to be triggered by sound. That's the easiest way I've found. I just set the dim switches on the lights for sound activation(if they have that option) and the first one in the chain, via dmx, will be the main trigger. Other than that, maybe get a cheap little lighting board and "hire" a friend to run it for you. Other than that, we have one of these: Chauvet Obey 40 DMX Lighting Controller that I haven't quite got set up because it's a pain in the ass. But If I'm feeling ambitious, I have a midi controller all set up with it and the lights so I can also do my tap dancing routine at our shows.
    The smaller systems I find a pain in the ass to set up. Especially since at my job I've been learning how to use a pair of Hog III consoles to run the largest hanging lighting rig in Washington state and it seems like a breeze to run compared to the smaller stuff.

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