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Thread: DV Mark 212 Vertical cab, open backed?

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    DV Mark 212 Vertical cab, open backed?

    DV Mark C 212 V Vertical Slant 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 300W: Shop Guitars & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend

    I'm currently using a Mesa 4x12 in stereo mode. However, a 4x12 is just fucking heavy and ginormous to carry around.
    I really like the idea of a pair of vertical 2x12 cabs w/ my AxeFx. The VERY lightweight DV mark cabs have caught my eye, but the back is half open backed. Has anyone used an open backed with hard rock & metal? Thoughts? Looking at the pics, it seems like I could easily make it a closed back if I wanted. Anyway, tell me what you think? With a stereo setup like the AxeFx, having 2 seperate cab appeals to me.

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    I had some Carvin 2 x 12's with my 2:90/2112 setup, and they were partially open backed.

    They worked pretty darn good for what I played.

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    My rig includes an open backed 2x12 I built myself. It's absurd how loud I can get. Running it as a 2 channel cabinet, 50w per speaker. My friend (slimegod on here) brought over his Flextone and the 4x12 it has and he was having troubles cutting over my rig. I'm running a GSP2101 through a Marshall EL34 power amp. I love how it sounds, cuts through with my drummer no problem. I run it vertically as well, though it's not slanted.

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    Both of my combos are semi-open back, and both sound great for metal.
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    I'm willing to bet those 150w speakers will help with any bass issues and if there are any you could build a closed back panel. I was wondering the same thing and even e-mailed DV Mark but got no response to whether or not they could provide a full closed back

    That idea sounds killer though; fucking aye, stereo Axe FX...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistaken89 View Post
    the cabs look pretty nice, but you are talking about 2 of them, so $1,400
    If I had $1,400 I would get a Orange 4x12 with Celestion vintage 30's ($1,100). you can also get the Orange cabs in open or closed back, and you could have them mono or stereo.

    Its kinda difficult to compare open and closed for me, I have a Peavey Valveking 100 with a closed back cab, and I have a Line6 Spider II combo open back. If possible I would try running the same rig through both styles of cabs and compare.
    Money is not a concern. Portability is.
    The mesa 4x12 i have is a fucking backbreaker at 106lbs, so a 122lbs orange 4x12 can fuck right off!
    Plus, trying to get a 4x12 in my car is a pain in the ass.

    In the past, i ran 2 mesa 2x12 cabs, but those were still 70lbs a piece after i loaded them with eminence swamp thangs. The DV mark 2x12 is 27lbs each and i LOVE that. I am just unsure about the openbacked thing and want to hear opinions before i drop the cash.

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    #1 thing I don't like about open-back cabs, is you lose a lot of thump. If you want to palm mute with a cranked amp and feel it hit your chest, you're going to want to get something closed-back.

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