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Thread: Pedal order?

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    Pedal order?

    I know this comes up pretty often but I'm seeing so much different, conflicting info out there that I'm just confused as hell now.

    So, I currently have a Boss Tuner, Boss noise gate, ISP Decimator, Dynacomp, Tube Screamer, and I'll be getting an MXR Micro Chorus today. What order do I put these fucking things in?

    The instructions on every noise gate I've ever seen say to put them at the end of the chain, which makes sense to me, but I see people putting them at the start of their chain, or in the effects loop. I'll probably sell the NS-2 now that I've got the ISP, but I know some people run two gates so I want to experiment with that first.

    Anyway, suggestions? At first blush I'd think Tuner-> Gate -> Comp -> Tube Screamer -> Chorus -> Gate, but I'm honestly a bit lost at this point.

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