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Thread: Need bass cab & rig suggestions... :)

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    Need bass cab & rig suggestions... :)

    Okay, as I recently mentioned in this thread on the Aerodyne bass in the other instruments section, I've joined my buddy's band on bass and am looking to build a rig!

    I've been thinking of doing something along the lines of Shannon; some sort of Sansamp / bass DI through a power amp to a cabinet, but I think I'm leaning towards a 410 of some sort instead of a 2x12. If it helps, the 2 guitarists in the band are playing halfstacks, one Mesa Single Rec with an over sized Mesa cab and a JCM 800 with the matching cab.

    I used to tell myself that Ampeg would be the only way to go if I ever played bass but the lightweight cabs that GK and Markbass provide seem very appealing. Specifically the MBX, MBE, or Neo series from Gallien Krueger. Also Carvin seems to make a decent 410 for a rival price.

    Has anyone played these and compared them to the Ampeg 410's like the HLF cab? Found this deal at $250

    Also I am thinking that after getting a cabinet first, I can use my Randall T2's 400w power section with a sansamp until I get something else later down the line. Hopefully this doesn't seem too absurd, though I think it would be pretty amusing and


    Ampeg vs GK vs Carvin cabs for punchy bass with a bit of dirt & grind?

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    Ampeg SVT or GTFO. The 4x10s aren't that heavy.

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    I loved my SVT410HLF. I'd absolutely buy one again if I was building a bass rig. It's not too heavy, really, and has wheels and is easy to roll around. That said, I've heard great things about the other cabs you mentioned, and the lightweight Ampeg cabs too.

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    Cool thanks guys. will be scanning craigslist for that deal

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    I've moved my buddy's Ampeg 8x10, and honestly, it's a hell of a lot easier to move around than my fucking 4x12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    I've moved my buddy's Ampeg 8x10, and honestly, it's a hell of a lot easier to move around than my fucking 4x12
    Tilt-back wheels, towel bar, and skid rails make them relatively easy to move. However, you still have to fit them into a vehicle and occasionally get them up and down stairs.
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    a fridge isn't a big deal, they are designed to be easy to move. If you have a truck or a van, you're fine. anyone that says otherwise is a little girl.

    an svt is bass talk for "will always work and sound good". I just got a verellen meatsmoke, Verellen Amplifiers - Custom Amplifiers from Seattle Washington and i am very impressed with it. an ampeg 4x10 is going to sound pretty different than say, an eden 4x10. depends what kind of sound you're going for.

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    Even I can move my 4x10 with no issue and I am pretty sure I'm one of the smallest people here lol.

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