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    Power Amp Choices

    Hi All ,

    After much research and help from this site I think I have decided on either of the 2 power amps below

    PEAVEY IPR-1600

    Anybody have any experience with either of these ? there is ot much in the price difference just wondering what everyone thinks on here

    Thanks for your time

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    For a guitar rig I'd definitely go with the velocity. It's designed as a guitar power amp so it will probably suit your needs a bit better than the Peavey. I was thinking of picking up one of those velocity 300 power amps as a backup for my tube rig because it gets good reviews and it's so light.
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    It's not "the best" poweramp you can buy, but it's light, 1 rack space, and loud as fuck. I was running it bridged @ 16ohms (170W) and it could push over top of my band in a SMALL room even with the kit mic'd. FUll wattage (bridged @ 8 ohms) would have made been even better. The sound's pretty good for what it is, but it's not a tube amp.

    Keep an eye on it though. Channel 2 of mine died on me one day out of nowhere. I still haven't taken it in to figure out why.
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    I've not heard of that Peavey model, but the Velocity gets a good rap

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    I'd say the velocity. You should also look into the Carvin HD1500. Recently got one and have to say it's pretty awesome!

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    The IPRs are great. Way more power than any guitarist would ever need, and stupidly light.
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