What part of my signal chain is borked?

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Thread: What part of my signal chain is borked?

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    What part of my signal chain is borked?

    Problem: Significant "crackling" noise heard on high-gain patches.

    Rig: Axe-FX Ultra -> FBT Verve 12ma. Various guitars. MFC-101 (not always hooked up).

    Situation: Whenever I use a high-gain patch, like kostein's LoG patch or Thor's Saw and Hammer, I can hear a crackling, electrical noise following notes, especially palm muted notes and diads. I can even make the crackling happen by simply gently pressing down strings closer to the pickup pole pieces, with the crackling and buzzing modulating as I do so.

    It sounds like a grounding issue perhaps, except it happens with pretty much every guitar I own, and it is a little hard to believe that every guitar I own has poorly grounded electronics. I don't think it is a cable issue because I get this no matter what cable I use. I don't think it is the FBT powered speaker because I hear the same thing from my Roland KC100, and unless the two share an identical component failure or design flaw, it isn't a speaker issue. It doesn't appear to be an output clipping problem because I'm not even "tickling the red" with my current global output level setting.

    Maybe it is just a case of really dirty power in my apartment? I'd be willing to invest in a robust power conditioner if I thought it would actually solve this problem, but it feels like an expensive gamble (inexpensive devices calling themselves "power conditioners" are little more than surge-supressing power strips and don't "condition" the power at all).

    So what do the experts here think is the most likely culprit?

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    With Line6, that is a clear cut case of patch volume being too high.
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