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Thread: Pedalboards - ugh

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    Pedalboards - ugh

    Why is it that anything decent costs a bazillion dollars?

    Really contemplating building my own, but i suck at crafts
    just passing through....

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    I made my own.

    What's your version of a million dollars? I think even Rondo sell some.

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    200 for the biggest (12 to 16) pedal case i can find here at my local store here so not that expensive either tbh.

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    My bandmates helped me make mine.
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    I suppose the big question is what you want it to do? If you just need a flat surface then some plywood painted black will work. Platforms aren't hard to add on later.

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    Dude, Ikea:
    My Do-It-Yourself IKEA Pedalboard Build Thread - Telecaster Guitar Forum

    I had someone buy me a pedalboard as a very generous gift but I totally still want to build one of these.

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    I got a pedaltrain junior. Could have built one I guess, but I really wanted a bag to go with it...

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