I've been wanting to use Axe Edit (well, really Axe Manage) to organize the patches on my Ultra. So I bought a dual-ended midi cable, hooked it up to my Profire 610, and... nothing. At first I thought the problem might have been with the Profire, but judging from everyone else's experiences, it's probable AE.

- Axe Edit is correctly configured to "Ultra". Connections are correct, current version of Axe Edit.

- It gives me the Profire as an option in the MIDI I/O settings, so it at least sees it. However, most of the time, when I change "none" to "Profire 610", the status at the bottom doesn't even blink, like it's not even trying. It just sits at "not connected". Once or twice it flashed and then said "no hardware detected".

It seems like this is a really touchy program for everyone. Already asked at the Fractal forum, but haven't gotten much help. Any advice?