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Thread: Elixir Anti-Rust supply news

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    Elixir Anti-Rust supply news

    Hey guys. Most of you in the US are probably familiar with the goings-on at Elixir regarding the shortage of their anti-rust unwound treble strings. For those of you who aren't;

    Original plain steel strings available soon

    Being in Australia, I only just found out about it a week or two ago due to the longer supply chain. Only just recently my local store ran out of the anti-rust ones, and without noticing the lack of the "Anti-rust plain steel strings" sign on the front of the string packets, I experienced corrosion on a couple of string sets and looked into it further. Couple of yanks online knew about it through their stores, but due to the ineptitude of the Australian distributors Electric Factory in Melbourne, none of us Aussies have been finding out through the proper channels.

    So anyway, about a week ago I sent an email off to Elixir complaining about my all-around dissatisfaction in the circumstances and received an email back earlier today. I'll post the streamlined reply;

    "Dear Nick,

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Warren Redman and I am
    responsible for the Elixir(R) strings business in the Asia Pacific region
    based out of Melbourne.

    Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback, it is very much
    appreciated and I will certainly be sharing it with my Australian
    distributor, Electric Factory who are based in Preston, Melbourne.

    Our expectation was that by keeping our distributor network informed of the
    supply issue they would keep the Dealer network updated who would keep our
    customers informed. Obviously there are many opportunities for the
    communication to fall through the cracks, which it did and I apologise for

    We were also not expecting the metallurgical issue from our anti rust plain
    steel wire supplier to take so long. We have since found alternate
    companies that can manufacture to our specifications so we would hope this
    is a one off hiccup. The packs containing plain steels with anti rust
    technology will start shipping again from our USA warehouse on March 26th.
    Depending on the order placement from our distributor I would expect to see
    the anti rust packs on the shelves a few weeks after that.

    Just a clarification, the plain steels are not a coated product, as
    mentioned above there is a change in the metallurgy that provides the
    anti rust component. What happened was that we went into our warehouse
    and noticed rust on the anti rust bulk spools which was what prompted
    the change back to original plain steels while we got to the bottom of
    the issue. Fortunately we caught the issue in time before product was
    shipped as it would have been a much more serious issue to claim anti
    rust when in fact the product was rusty out of the packet. That is why
    we had to change all packaging back to the plain steel packets, change
    literature and update our website.

    Please supply me with your contact details and preferred gauge and I
    will send you a box of strings when my stock of strings(with Anti rust
    plain steels) arrives from the USA, it may take several weeks though.

    Once again, I really appreciate you contacting us and I hope we can
    continue to meet and eventually exceed your expectations once we have
    things back to normal in the very near future.

    Best regards,


    So, anyone who (like me) has been scrounging for sets of anti-rust Elixirs can relax, they're shipping from the 26th of March, so about a week away. Interesting to hear about the actual problem with the composition of the anti-rust strings, I thought they were just normal strings with the coating.

    Apologies if this is old news to most of you guys, just figured you could do with a resupply date!

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    That's unfortunate that a supplier let them down like that, but it looks like they're diversifying their supply chain a bit so that's not an issue down the road. At least they didn't make excuses and had a legitimate reason for making the (temporary) change, and that they're looking after you. It's unfortunate that the chain of communication was broken, but based on my experiences with distributors, that's not entirely surprising.

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    Sounds like he handled it well.

    I actually hadn't heard about the issue, but a couple of months ago I noticed just strings doing a "three sets for the price of two" special, so I stocked up then. I'm probably good for a year or two now.
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    Yeah, I was quite happy with the response, especially considering that the new anti-rust sets aren't far off. I wasn't surprised that the distributor had their head up their ass, I'm quite used to it. Often I'll go to order something and I'll be met with confusion as to the items existence or my purpose for it, as if my purpose with such an item is any of their business, and as if its existence ISN'T any of their business.

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