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    What am i missing here? (aby content)

    So i'm rebuilding my whole live rig up again and the drummer got me on a good idea since a: we'll be keeping things as a 2 piece (guit/voc & drums) and b: i dun really wanna sound all flimsy due to our lack of everything else live.

    So basicly my idea of rebuilding my rig looks like this:
               Tuner pedal
              Startouch ST-2 (aby switch)
          ||         ||
    Crate head   Rack + cab
    + cab
    (soz for the craptastic schematic but i think it gets the idea across )

    I won't be needed to change any presets or channels at all since it'll be straight forward in your face deathmetal with a touch of grind.

    Any other suggestions other then the startouch st2 for splitting my signal so i can play on both amps at the same time?

    I kinda got my eye on it since it seems decen't & the price for the pedal seems great (maybe a lil too great?). Any pedals wich would be more suitable for that or not?

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    I've used the Radial passive ABY for about two years now with no issues. Bulletproof, works great, silent.
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    MB: Cort A6
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    should work too.

    and that radial aby seems a nicer option since i can run straight into that & have a tuner going out from that aswell.

    I was kinda stayin clear from radial since the first aby i've seen from the costs 317 wich is way too much for what i need. Didn't even see that one yet (DOH)

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    You're missing the potential for phase problems between the two amps, and ground loops.

    To do this properly IMO you should look at a buffered splitter with a phase reverse switch for the 2nd output. RJM do this in a MIDI controlled unit - Y-Not - MIDI Controlled A/B/Y switch by RJM Music Technology, Inc.

    The Radial is good too, but being passive there will still be some interaction of the amp input impedances which may or may not be a problem.

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    Look into something like a de-octave pedal, so you can fake a bass line or something kinda too
    just passing through....

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    Location: ghent belgium
    ME: Ibanez s7420
    MB: Cort A6
    Rig: Carvin/Rocktron chameleon

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    that's kinda where the chameleon comes in & shines really. i use octave on my rhythm patches nearly all the time.

    I kinda intend to use my crate as the rhythm amp with a more scooped mid to fill up the lower regions while the rack takes care of the lead. The phase wouldn't that much be a problem since i can just use my mAxe to change that if somethings up with it really. Although the Maxe shines with high mid sound, wich would be perfect if i was after a more suffocation type sound (ie, souls to deny kinda stuff). Might still try to use my maxe though since i love it to bits & those things are as cheap as a shitty metalzone. Definatly a must have for any guitar player since it can send any amp straight into death metal territory and give you a noise gate on top of insane gain.

    Midi makes that rjm a clear winner since i might be able to do some interesting things with it then after i get it completely figured out . Would be cool to fiddle with the chameleon to get some obscure intro type thingies out of it actually.

    How would i go on to fit a thing such as that rjm box into a rack? or will i be just better off having it on my pedalboard that i still need to make aswell?
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    Location: ghent belgium
    ME: Ibanez s7420
    MB: Cort A6
    Rig: Carvin/Rocktron chameleon

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    Got a lehle little dual & tried it out today for the first time.

    Works like a charm & it's pretty affordable aswell.

    They also got a (more expensive) version of it with midi aswell.

    cool shizzle

    The one i got: Lehle Dual SGoS

    The midi one: Lehle Gitarrentechnik PURE SOUND - NO NOISE - MORE TONE

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