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    gate setup

    i've got a behringer nr100, pretty much a straight clone of the boos one. i've only really run it in front of an amp, simple in/out. now that i'm about to hook it up to my randall rh200, should i keep it the same, or use the loop part of it? (never really figured out how to set that up). if it's just for noisey pedals, than i dont really need it

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    I have a pair of ISPs, and I run them in front of both my Axe-Fx and my 6505. I'm using it to negate some ambient electrical noise around my house.

    Guitar -> Gate -> Stuff

    A lot of people run them in the loop, but I've always been of the mindset that I want to prevent (whatever) from entering my chain in the first place, since the noise is coming from my pickups.

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    thats how i've always thought too, but i've never really tried anything else, so wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something important.

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    I thought we tried this a bunch of times at practice ? In front seemed to eliminate feedback and in the loop seemed to kill the 'hiss' you get when you turn the volume down on your guitar but still have the gain up or pedals on.

    Since it was the feedback during solos you were trying to prevent , you went with in front.

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    Gate both get 2 pedals or ISP prorack g. And gate the front of amp and the loop. And then totally quiet.
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