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Thread: AMT Legend Series 2 pedals - video demo

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    AMT Legend Series 2 pedals - video demo

    Some of you guys may be familiar with the highly successful AMT Legend pedals (P1, R1, etc.), as they have been used by quite a few people for recording and even live stuff. For those unfamiliar with these, they are analog preamp pedals that emulate a given amp's voicing (P1 was based on the 5150, R1 was the red channel on a Recto, etc.).

    I was really stoked to visit the AMT stand at the Musikmesse, as some may know by know. Not only they have released a new 5Kg 4-channel amp with a monster tone but they also put out the second generation of the Legend pedals, that features a clean boost and 3 possible outputs, depending on the intended use: drive (to use in front of a regular amp), preamp out (straight to power amp or for use with impulses and the like) and cab sim. Andrey gave me a few to fiddle with, so I recorded this demo using them as my "amps":

    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - AMT Legend 2 Playthrough - Vortex - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Rhythm tracks are D2 right (2 tracks) and E2 Left (2 tracks), using a P2 for all the melody / lead stuff. When appropriate, I'm using a Strictly 7 Drive pedal as a boost and all went straight into a Presonus 22VSL, with delay / verb added in post processing. Guitar here is my Decibel Db3. Hope you guys enjoy!

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    Great to hear a good example of what these little boxes can do. I've been tempted by them a few times but couldn't find any good sound samples.

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    tought to hear the pedals......................................when I'm so hypnotized by the freaking grain in that neck and that top
    holy shit what a fretboard!!!!!!
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    Those pedals sound great! I enjoyed the song too.

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    They're very easy to record with, really. For the sake of demonstration, I just used the built-in speaker sim out as opposed to impulses, but that is quite an interesting possibility to explore.

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