Axe-Fx II pitch shifted 6 semitones down

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Thread: Axe-Fx II pitch shifted 6 semitones down

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    Axe-Fx II pitch shifted 6 semitones down

    Found this on the FAS forum. Not my style, but a pretty good example of the shifter in the II.

    Using Pitch Shift for low drop tunings! (happy Guthrie-meets-Meshuggah style clip)

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    Yeah, Plini is freakin' genius. I knew he'd great things when he got an Axe-FX II.

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    Sounds happy-ish

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    I can never get it to track that well using the advanced whammy block!

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    Try the harmonizer, with the mix set to 100%. My HD pro hates tracking when tuned down even a semitone.
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    I will never like the dirty tones these guys are going for, so I'm not going to bother commenting on it. The clean tone, though, sounds loads more natural than any of the pitch drop features I am used to hearing in your typical guitar effects processors.
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    So have they improved that slight tracking latency in the II?

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