Medium string tension 25,5" C standard

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Thread: Medium string tension 25,5" C standard

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    Medium string tension 25,5" C standard

    Just a quick question: what's a medium string tension for a 25,5" guitar, tuning it down to C standard/C,F,A#,D#,G,C? And with medium I mean not too tight and not to floppy. I want to be able to bend but still don't have a lot of string clatter and rattle when I play more heavily.

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    I use 13-62's but i have a sledgehammer for a right hand

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    I'd say an 11-56 set would probably do it for ya. I get away with C-Standard with 10-52s on my 24.5 scale Samick and it plays great.

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    I use 11-56 or 10-52 with the 52 replaced with a 56 for dropped c
    I prefer 11-56 with dropped c or c standard.
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    Daddario EXL117 set.

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    I tried 10-52 and it sounded great in C# but then again I tend to prefer 9s in E

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    I use 10-52's in E, and I think you'd dig 11-54's or 12-60's in that tuning.
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    I use a 12-60 set for C and a 10-46 for E. I still feel I could go a bit thicker with the C-tuning for some strings, maybe a 13-62 or something.

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