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Thread: NAD! Line6 DT25 (with bit of Blackmachine)

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    NAD! Line6 DT25 (with bit of Blackmachine)

    I've never been a particular fan of Line 6. Many years ago when I was still turning every dial to 10 I got a GuitarPort and was pretty underwhelmed, I can't remember why I bought it. Since then I owned a Peavey Classic 30 which was great but I didn't use it much and sold it a few years ago and was noodling through modellers instead until now. I still think Peavey's Revalver is the best out there for software only modellers, although I haven't really looked into Guitar Rig 5 a lot although I played a lot with 4, nor have I checked out Amp Rack which sounds brill judging by some YouTube vids.

    Now I'm playing live a bit more and will be looking to join a band when I move to Vancouver (to stalk my hero Devin Townsend) next month I thought I should invest in something more practical for that.

    After checking out the Andertons epic video for this amp I started looking a lot into small combos and lunchbox heads. I was heavily weighing up a Tweaker, HT5R and DT25, or perhaps even a Dark Terror with a 1x12. Then after hearing (3:00) I was pretty much sold on it. To be honest my intrigue was mainly the Bogner designed tube amp, because after hearing (which reminds me I need to buy that pedal) I was all jelly for one. Where I rehearse has an awesome battered Fender Blackface of some kind so I'm a sucker for that kind of tone. Running my Amptweaker Tight Rock through it sounded amazing. I had also been running through this pedal into Logic's Amp Designer with the Blackface model into some Red Wirez IRs for jamming which sounded great also.

    I should mention here I'm playing a Blackmachine B6 through all of this. That's right, a Blackmachine for (mostly) non-djent. Problem? :P

    So when I discovered that one of the models in the DT25 was a Fender Blackface I was leaning a lot towards it. I also wanted an amp with a great djenty character in terms of high-gain chord clarity. That's pretty easy with a B6 though. I was never a particular fan of Mesas and had always found Petrucci's rhythm tone on albums to be a bit understated. But when I heard him at Wembley Arena I was just OMNOMNOM.

    Along with the direct recording capabilities I was sold on the DT25. It was either that or a HT5R, but the added versatility of the DT25 won it for me and after stumbling across it in Denmark Street I bought one soon after.

    Quick shot of the board:

    And the whole family:

    Initially I'm very happy indeed. I like the response and the tones of the Blackface and Rectifier models. I find the tone stack models a little odd though, if you stray a little from the sweet spot the tone dramatically changes but I guess I'll get used to that. The Rectifier definitely benefits from having an OD in front and I've been using my Green Rhino for that. The Direct Out is okay, I've yet to give it a proper try. As it's transformer tapped you need to have the output controls up pretty high to get a good level into an interface, but in low volume mode you can stick the amp on standby and use the DSP power amp instead. I also took the FX Send into my interface and put it through some Red Wirez IRs - that sounded killer so I definitely prefer that approach.

    Modelling has certainly come on a long way over the past few years and we're not far away from digital becoming indistinguishable from analog and some would argue we're already there. I'm not convinced yet. This from Andertons is really interesting and reveals to me at least how modelling a tone is simple but modelling the response isn't. But it depends what you're using it for as to whether that is important or not.

    I'll stop rambling.

    [VIDEO]]Line 6 DT25 Voicing 4 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Maybe its just the camera, but it's got WAY to much mid/low mud for me.
    just passing through....

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    Could be a bit of both. I have the mids cranked fairly high and I'm still in the process of understanding the amp and tweaking of course. And the amp isn't really pointing at the camera mic so you'll probably get the boxiness of my room.

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