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Thread: engl or h&k

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    engl or h&k

    ok so im looking to gettin new head.. tube power, high gain for power metal purposes,, if i can use for cover band i do gig with its a bonus. but im lookin for a real good metal tone.. might pick up the h&k tubemeister 38 when it comes out later on looks good for home and studio...
    but between engl's fireball or savage , and hughes and kettner switchblade and warpx. what can you guys tell me about them. especially the engl's where im at its difficult to play a engl so i gotta pay more for them also. the fireball is more reasonably priced than the savage. but i dont know what the difference will be and cannot tell to well from you tube vids. the h&k switchblade i tride once at a rehersal studio liked it but didnt expirement with all the gain settings. any input would be helpful. thanks.

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    The engl savage is pretty cool. Compressed as balls but cool. The rest of the engl line is so compressed that FUCK THE WORLD HOLY SHIT COMPRESSION WOAH COMPRESSED

    cant comment on the H&K stuff
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    The HK Warp X is a shitty sounding solid state head, IIRC. I'm not much of an Engl fan either outside of the Savage.

    Honestly, for those types of tones it's really really hard to beat a 5150/6505+.
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    to be honest for me the h&k are great but has a pretty generic unoriginal sound to them. They sound great, they just doesn't have their own character. I would go with any engl before the h&k but that's just me of course!

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    ola pretty much nailed it, imo.

    All ENGL share a distinct characteristic sound, like it or not.

    H&K's sound generic and boring, imo. I'm not saying they're bad amps, but i simply haven't found anything interesting sound- or feelwise that ever motivated me to keep playing it.

    also, 'compression' isn't really the issue with ENGLs, but the fact most of their amps simply have ridiculous amounts of gain already with the gain pot at noon. This is what makes them them feel like a modeler or a solid-state amp. If you go easy on the gain they can sound pretty damn awesome actually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    The HK Warp X is a shitty sounding solid state head,
    That was the Warp7. The Warp X was the full tube version of it. Pretty generic sounding. Not "bad", but nothing remarkable.

    Engls - many of them are not my thing, but I enjoyed the Savage120.

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    I tried the Jeff Waters H&K and it was Fizz-tastic, couldn't dial the buzzing out of it.

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    Savage 120

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