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Thread: Apartment friendly hi-gain and the occasional jam

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    Apartment friendly hi-gain and the occasional jam

    Hi metal brethren,

    My apologies if this is a n00b question for a n00b post but..

    I'm looking for a valve amp that is both apartment friendly, can do a little jam or even a small gig, is good for recordings and doesn't need 4 people to carry it. But most importantly, it shall be able to unleash hell

    - Why valves you ask ? Because I have a POD X3 and I would like to try the real thing.. I think it will help me to improve my playing because it will be less forgiving and more sensitive to picking dynamics (now if this isn't quite true I'm sure you guys here will know better).

    - Because I live in an apartment it should sound manageable at low levels specially cause I work during the day and only in the evening / night I can play more.

    I was looking into an ENGL Screamer, Blackstar HT-5 or HT-20.. maybe even Dizel Einstein (all either head or combo, still undecided) ? they all seem to sound good on youtube but I wonder if they can cut it for a good metal sound. I could then maybe look into getting a Palmer DI Load box for silent night playing..
    They would still be quite usable for a small jamming / gig situation me thinks ?

    I previously had looked into an Engl Powerball, Invader but those are overkill for my level (or I would be a case of good gear, shit playing).. then I looked into just pre-amps such as an engl e530 or e570.. but then I would have to get a poweramp and the complexity of the rig started to defeat the simplicity of a head / combo.

    Or I could just forget all of this and go for the latest and greatest modellers such as a Kemper ? Or maybe even the POD HD with a cheap solid state power amp ?

    I sort of prefer the idea of a valve amp... just plug in the guitar cable and off you go.. no need for separate monitors or such.. but on the other hand they seem less flexible for recording or silent playing..

    The problem is that I can't easily go out and try all of it so I have to decide on something without trying it... maybe it will sound like poop. It's a classic case of egg / chicken problem

    I know there's not one solution for this.. in the end it has to be what I think is better for my situation. Living in Europe, my current house is quite small and I can hear my neighbour downstairs when she drops the bass with Lady Gaga so I guess she'll be able to hear me playing through a valve amp

    So I guess I'm just scooping for opinions and ideas

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    Check out the Blackstar HT-5

    EDIT: I see that you mentioned it in the OP...so...

    I recently got one and I think it's great. I use it in an apartment and I think I could use it for a small jam too.
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    The smaller Blackstars are pretty good, as are the Jet City heads. They're also going to be stupidly expensive overseas, but I REALLY liked the Mesa Mini Rectifier.
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    If you're looking at Engl, I'd suggest the Gigmaster > Screamer for what you're describing.
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    yeah the Mini Rectifier was high on my list and is available on a local shop.. very small and compact, however unlike the HT-5 it lacks a direct out and you're right... it's like 3 times more expensive over here than the HT-5..
    For this reason I never really got around to try it.. I mean.. I kinda feel guilty going to a shop, bugging the sales people to try an amp that I think I'm not really going to buy... unless it would completely blow me away

    I did try the HT-5 once though but maybe it was the day.. it didn't sound too gain capable to me. That same day I tried a Screamer and it rocked.. but this memory is now a bit far away.. I would have to try them again.. and most importantly.. with my guitar! (I used an RGD2120 back then.. my main axe is an RG3120.. pretty similar though but maybe the strings on that RGD were old)

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    If you want to play small shows with it, maybe the Ht-20. I will say though, I've played an ht-5 in GC and it was a very solid amp. Great choice, but may not have the power to do shows.
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    Blackstar HT-5 with an OCD pedal out front. Grrrr

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    The HT-5 has plenty of gain

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