So i went back to a rack & finally found a carvin ts100 a couple of weeks ago.

Also, i ordered a rack case from ebay.

8HE shockmount, and it was stupidly cheap compared to some of the others i've found.

Korg DTR racktuner. Pretty much picked it up for a pickle & an egg really. Kinda feel bad for paying that few for a flawless unit.

Zhe old rocktron chameleon. finally got a rythm patch to my liking & a clean aswell. still going to make a few more though just for shits & giggles.

I bought some patch cable's too & decent ones this time. And i think the price for one of those short fuckers it like 20$ (?)

Still on their way:

Presonus studio one.
power conditioner.
And a small pa for vocals aswell but that's not really related to my amp really lol.

Anyways, apologies for the crappy pic. will take a decent one when its all togheter properly.