I was very generously given this mic pre by a local studio owner. It is long out of production, and regularly goes on eBay for $100-200. Original price was around $450 in the 90s, by my research, though it may have streeted for lower.

Two-channel mic pre has a 12AX7 operated with low voltage in each channel. HPF and phase inversion switches, phantom power per channel plus a LOT of usable gain. Special circuitry reduces the Miller effect, enhancing top-end response and clarity. Requires a 24V external power supply (fookin' huge wall wart, dood )

I would personally recommend that anyone interested in adding a couple of good channels to their recording kit find one of these in good condition. It likely kicks the shit out of anything that says PreSonus or ART on the front, with a great warmth and up-frontness for which tube mic pres are known, without sacrificing much fidelity. I have no problem driving my very insensitive MXL R144 ribbon mic with this pre. Great on vocals and instruments (have tried male rock vocals, acoustic guitar and violin).

1995 SOS review: Aphex 107

out of a possible five for the value factor.